For our upcoming COE trip, we are requiring one of the following from every attendee:

  1. Proof of vaccine – for Moderna or Pfizer (2 doses) or Johnson & Johnson (1-dose).  Vaccine must be completed 2-weeks prior to travel (last dose April 15th).  Must provide copy of CDC vaccination card.
  1. Proof of positive COVID-19 test &/or letter from doctor stating that you have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 90-days.  Per CDC, after recovery from COVID-19, you will have antibodies against the virus & are no longer considered infectious for a period of 90-day after onset of symptoms.

**PLEASE NOTE** You will not be allowed to travel if you test positive for a COVID-19 test within 10-days of the trip. Recovery from COVID-19 is 10 days after the onset of symptoms or the first positive COVID-19 PCR test if no symptoms.

  1. Negative PCR COVID-19 test or SALIVA test within 96-hours of departure.

               **PLEASE NOTE**Rapid PCR tests, or antigen tests will not be accepted.

Additionally, daily temp checks & symptom checking will be conducted while at the event.  Anyone exhibiting any symptoms and/or have a temperature above 100° F will be asked to stay in their hotel room as a precautionary measure until a COVID-19 test can be conducted by a medical professional.  

The resort is following CDC guidelines for social distancing, hand sanitizing, & masking.  This is one of the reasons we contracted with them.  Face masks will be required while indoors but not while eating/drinking, and the majority of our time will be outside while in a group setting.

Masks will be required while indoors at the resort and during excursions when not eating/drinking. Social distancing & masking while around people not traveling in our group is highly recommended.

Testing Option:

Free COVID PCR saliva testing that can be done the week of COE thru Curative testing locations.   These curative testing sites are all over the metroplex (TCU in FW, Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Globe Life Field in Arlington, NRH2O, etc) and provide PCR saliva test results within 48 hours.    The link is listed below.   You can schedule your appointment a few days prior.   Don’t delay!     Thursday attendees should be planning to test on Monday, April 26th to ensure you have your results back in time.



Daily self-screening for COVID symptoms is another layer of safety protocols that we will have in place during our COE trip. These daily self-checks will need to be completed by every attendee before leaving your room each morning. Please see below for information on how to get started.

  • Visit the below website to create your EMPLOYEE account. Have your spouse set up an 'employee' account as well.

  • Enter this registration code: 23349
  • Once you (& your spouse) have created your accounts, you will receive an email to validate your account. Click on the link to finalize your set up.
  • Next, load the mobile app on your phones so you are ready to start doing daily self-checks. The icon below is what you are looking for in the app store(s).
  • When you have your mobile app set up, you are ready to go! COE can't get here fast enough!

What's next to prepare for COE arrival?

  1. If you are fully vaccinated OR you have proof of COVID antibodies from a doctor/lab - Upload the appropriate "proof" document to your mobile app.
  • If you are not fully vaccinated, but have still been vaccinated and want to upload the Vaccination Record Card, I encourage you to do so. You will l also need to proceed to Step 2 below and follow those directions.
  1. If you are providing a Negative PCR or Saliva COVID test, you will need to have those results uploaded to your app. The test must be taken within 96 hours of departure and you must have a Negative test uploaded and ready to show ESP upon arrival at the hotel (or pick up location if riding a bus).


La Cantera Resort & Spa is adjusting daily to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the MISSION of the Resort to provide the SAFEST and CLEANEST environment to our guests and to our associates, as much as possible.

The Resort has teamed up with safety, engineering and chemical partners, consultants, and adopted recommendations from the CDC in the development of our SAFE & CLEAN initiative "LA CANTERA'S CLEAN TOUCH." These initiatives will be seen throughout the Resort.

Click below to review the resort's CLEAN TOUCH details:

La Cantera's CLEAN TOUCH details