You are Invited to the 2024 Regional Meetings

Please join us as we make Genuine Connections, look back on 2023, share our 2024 Brand strategy, and discuss new NbC initiatives!


We have a fantastic year planned for our Brand! During these meetings, we will provide insights into what will unfold throughout the year. Within these topics are key business drivers and focus areas that we feel should be shared at the Bakery Owner level only at this time, allowing you to strategically plan when and how to communicate with your Teams. Thus, we have made the decision to make the 2024 Regional Meetings a Bakery Owner only event.


As a reminder, Regional Meetings are a time for us as NbC Leaders to share what we're working on and our goals for the upcoming year, but it's also a time for us to connect in-person with our Owners and hear what's on YOUR mind. It's important that you attend and highly recommended. 


We hope to see you there!