Welcome the Circle of Excellence 2023 trip! We are thrilled that you'll be joining us on our celebratory journey to Puerto Vallarta! 

We've put together a fun and rejuvenating itinerary for you, designed to provide ample opportunities for relaxation, immersion in the local food & culture, and reconnecting with friends & colleagues. After all your hard work this past year, it’s time to grab your passport, and flip-flops, and get ready to hop on the plane to paradise.

Please take a moment to peruse the following pages where you'll find details about the itinerary, activities, packing suggestions, and helpful travel tips.  Most importantly, kindly complete your registration by Tuesday, March 5th so we can ensure this special trip is tailored to meet all your needs.

Once again, we're incredibly excited to introduce you to this stunning destination eagerly anticipate celebrating with you in Puerto Vallarta!